Tips for a stress free dental visit

Tips for ensuring a comfortable, stress free dental visit:

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care in a gentle, stress free environment. Utilizing proven, state of the art technologies has made it easier to receive dental treatment in a shorter period of time and with less worry.
Here are some general tips to keep you more comfortable during your visits:

Communication is key to allowing us to customize your care the way you would like it, so let us know your preferences, your likes and dislikes. If you are cold, warm, or even want to watch a different movie during your procedure, let us know. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible!

Schedule your appointment when it is convenient for you! If you are a morning person, great, if you would like your appointments in the late afternoon, let us know. Try not to squeeze a long appointment in between your child’s teacher conference and a lunch engagement. This will only add stress to your day. Schedule your appointments when you can relax, and rest during your visit.

Speaking about relaxing, for longer appointments, consider bringing an Ipod with your favorite music, or bring a DVD of a relaxing movie you like. We have a wide range of music and movies as well for enjoyment, just ask!

Wear loose fitting, comfortable, casual clothes. If you are prone to being cold, a small blanket is a great idea for longer procedures. Women should keep make up to a minimum.

Try not to drink coffee/teas/colas or other drinks with stimulants in them prior to your visit. It is often best not to have a large meal or spicy foods just prior to a long appointment. Try to eat something mild or bland. Yogurt is always a good healthy food for a nervous stomach.

If you feel that something more is needed to allow you to fully rest/relax during your visit, discuss with us the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for its relaxing effects, or possibly stronger sedation methods which involve the use of tranquilizers. Both of these methods are extremely safe and can allow comprehensive care for individuals who have put off visits to the dentist due to higher levels of fear and anxiety.


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